Our first ever MONTH drop. FEB 22 has lots going on but thats how we do it.

Our monthly collections will be full of "mini-drops"

FEB 22

We got:

OPEN SZN, DOUBLE-UP, and our newest... MOVERS n LIFTERS.

it is pretty easy to see the inspo behind the Movers and Lifters. But if you cannot tell... it is the LA Lakers and the NY Knicks. Two rival teams. Growing up in NY, CH was a big Knicks fan.. so that was easy to choose the Number 1 team as inspiration for our Movers logo. As far as the Lifters logo, The L was the connection to create a logo based off of the Lakers design, Now many of you are probably saying "I wish he picked my team", but say that all you want... You either a Mover or Lifter now....

Now. the real question is.... do you have to be a Laker or Knick fan OR a Mover or a Lifter to rep these pieces??  Nope. 

We don't think so.


Our OPEN SZN returns with LaFlame Seth ready to take it on. Fire is the inspiration for this drop. I mean isn’t that what the Open does to ya?? 


DOUBLE UP- Simplistic logo we created last year for the first time. Easy pieces to wear in and out of the gym.





Written by Christian Harris