MFLH Training - Work From Home Program V2.


MFLH Training brings you their newest online workout guide. V2 has 5 different workout categories with 12 workouts in each.... so you do the math 5x12 is 60 complete workouts that will be sure to get you ready for.. well....more couch life. No No... positive thinking, we will be out and about soon and hopefully that means beach season.

With these 60 workouts, and the number of different ways that you can modify movements using different equipment, you can essentially do a different workout everyday for over a year!

The beauty of this collection is that every workout will have demo videos that are linked to youtube for you for your convenience. What is unique as well, is that you will also have the option to substitute in equipment you may have available, along with the correlating movement and suggested number of reps.

So get your odd object (Backpack) and/or equipment primed and prepped and get ready for some fun and intense workouts.